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Web Hosting Solutions for Businesses. Multiple control panels, multiple domains, increased php values, online shopping web hosting made fast and reliable.

How Easy to Change my Hosting Plan Later?


Very easy! Simply contact us to inform which package you want and we upgrade your plan with new specs. We charge you the difference with an invoice.

How Easy to Change my Hosting Plan Later?2019-08-08T15:31:30-07:00

What are the Name Servers?


Please go to your domain name provider's control panel and change your name servers to our name servers. Information is provided with your Cpanel access instructions.

What are the Name Servers?2019-08-08T15:19:46-07:00

I am Ready, How do I Purchase a Package?


We are glad you trust and choose us to serve you. Simply click on the package you'd like to purchase and go to checkout page. Please don't forget to send [...]

I am Ready, How do I Purchase a Package?2019-08-08T15:15:51-07:00

Do You Backup My Websites?


Yes! We do have daily backups for each Cpanel user account. You can also setup backup for your WordPress or Cpanel. If anything happens to your site and can not [...]

Do You Backup My Websites?2019-08-08T15:09:40-07:00

How About Spammers?


No worries, we have installed and activated Spam Assassin software to all CPanel accounts.

How About Spammers?2019-08-08T15:06:03-07:00

Do I have Webmail?


Each email account you create have access to webmail as well as Imap, POP3 setup instructions for all devices and email software.

Do I have Webmail?2019-08-08T15:01:58-07:00

How Many Emails I can Have?


You can create unlimited email accounts for each CPanel user account within your allocation. Also unlimited email forwarding, autoresponders and mailing lists. Each Cpanel can adjust the total space that [...]

How Many Emails I can Have?2019-08-08T14:58:39-07:00

What is SitePad?


SitePad is website building tool that comes with many website templates designs. You can choose one of the 350 website themes to start building your website quickly! SitePad is included [...]

What is SitePad?2019-08-08T14:38:22-07:00

What is Softaculous?


Softaculous is very popular "one click web applications installation" tool. You can easily install your favorite application or framework (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ShopSite, Concrete5, Bootstrap, Vue, Dolphin, MODX, Zencart, [...]

What is Softaculous?2019-08-08T14:34:49-07:00
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