What is off-site data backup and protection?2019-08-07T09:44:54-07:00

Off-site or online backup is a process that copies data from your computer to a secure, remote location. The concept is very similar to a bank security box where important documents are stored. Loss of such documents due to fire, theft or simple misplacement would be very stressful. GPmicro’s dinKum data backup is a fully automated electronic document protection system. The data is first encrypted, then transmitted electronically and secured in redundant, multi-located server archives using the highest digital and physical security practices. In general, regular daily backups take just a few minutes and instant access to your data is easy from your computers.

Why use dinKum Backup?2019-08-07T09:45:53-07:00

GPmicro, Inc. understands the trust that customers have when they choose to use dinKum data backup. The company’s culture is one of exceeding customers’ expectations for service and we are committed to protecting your data. With our fully automated backup, you can just set it and forget it. On your initial backup as well as needed data recovery, we offer our clients a hard-drive, which can expedite the transfer of large amounts of data quickly and safely to and from our designated servers. While other providers throttle your bandwidth, we do not. Rest assured that your data is safe with GPmicro, Inc. The implemented data security employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is known in the industry as “bank safe”. Our medical and financial clients are assured that we meet federal regulation guidelines for data backup and protection and we are HIPAA and SOX compliant. Your data is fully protected with multiple levels of redundancy. We also have the highest level of physical security in place to maintain and keep your data secure. Unlike some competitors GPmicro, Inc. will never automatically delete active client’s data without specific instructions. GPmicro’s dinKum data backup offers automatic one-pass restore, custom mapping solutions, data synchronization and data retention settings, reporting as well as up to 99 custom schedules per computer. With GPmicro, your dedicated IT team can focus on other critical issues while we manage your data needs. Our US based customer service is available to answer your questions and are happy to help when needed.

Which Operating Systems work with dinKum?2019-08-07T09:48:10-07:00

dinKum runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 Server.
dinKum can backup and restore data (including file and folder permissions with the included agent) from Linux based systems through drive mapping such as Samba.

Does dinKum backup and store multiple file versions?2019-08-07T09:57:19-07:00

Each time a file changes, a new version of that file will be backed up automatically and previous versions are being kept, as well. The system keeps a minimum of the latest three versions; however, this number can be customized on a per sub-account basis to keep any number of file versions providing a true “point-in-time” recovery option.

Are there backup files of the backup files?2019-08-07T09:57:58-07:00

Your data backups are backed up at our end and stored on multiple devices for additional security.

Where is the data physically kept?2019-08-07T09:58:34-07:00

GPmicro’s servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center. The highest level of physical security is in place to protect your data. The data center maintains restricted security access to authorized personnel only. A controlled environment for heating and cooling maintains a steady temperature and humidification and an advanced fire detection and suppression systems are in place.

How fast of a connection do I need?2019-08-07T09:59:41-07:00

It is recommended to use a DSL, Cable or T-1 type broadband connection. However, theoretically, you could backup your data over a dial-up connection. The transmission speed at your end limits the amount of data that can be sent off-site.

Can I use dinKum for my business?2019-08-07T10:00:40-07:00

Yes, dinKum backs up and stores your data off-site using very strict encryption standards (AES-256). This helps your company meet regulatory compliance needs such as HIPAA, SOX and others.

Can I use it for personal files?2019-08-07T10:01:27-07:00

Yes, you never know when, or under what circumstances you could lose valuable memories and important files. dinKum can back up family photographs, school assignments, tax or accounting files, personal email and more.

My office is networked. Does your service address this issue?2019-08-07T10:02:17-07:00

Yes. Not only will we backup data from your file server, but also each computer that is in the network may have access to the backed up data. You decide who can access what data from within your network.

I back up my PC/laptop regularly on tape/DVD. Why do I need automated off-site backup?2019-08-07T10:04:28-07:00

Automated off-site data backup offers several advantages over DVD and tape.

  1. Automated backups move your data off-site for an added layer of protection.
  2. It is electronic, eliminating potential media problems such as scratched DVDs or corrupt tapes.
  3. No need to worry if the backup you did on that tape really worked.
  4. With automated off-site backup you receive messages such as emails that let you know if the backups occurred and what has been backed up.
  5. Remote backup is automatic and removes the user’s responsibility to manually perform a backup and to catalog and store the backup media.
  6. With automated off-site backup there is no need to remember where you put that latest tape or DVD.
  7. For the mobile laptop user, remote backup allows you to back up and/or recover your data anytime/anywhere with an active Internet connection.
  8. Restores are much easier using remote backup. Find and restore a file or directory from your backup location using a “Windows Explorer type right click” approach.
Why are remote backups considered more beneficial?2019-08-07T10:05:21-07:00

The data is immediately stored away from your location using an automated backup system. Backups can be scheduled as frequently as hourly or once a month; whichever best fits your needs. Also, only an Internet connection is needed, completely eliminating the need for expensive backup equipment. Since the system is automated, in-house or outsourced IT support staff can focus on more important functions; such as, system upgrades and maintenance as well as network and overall IT security issues.

Is dedicated Internet access required?2019-08-07T10:06:06-07:00

For significant data transfer DSL, Cable or T-1 lines work best and can be shared with other needed Internet access. No dedicated Internet access is required.

What does dinKum do to protect my data?2019-08-07T10:07:02-07:00

Using the dinKum client software your data is encrypted using AES 256-bit and transmitted to GPmicro’s servers at a data center. During transmission an additional layer of security is used based on the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL ensures that the communication between your computer(s) and the remote servers is encrypted. Once in the data center the data is validated while remaining in the encrypted AES format. Transmitted and off-site data is always encrypted.

How long will the first backup take?2019-08-07T10:08:07-07:00

The initial backup will take the longest amount of time as all selected data is being backed up for the first time. The amount of time it takes is dependent on the amount of data you’re backing up, your Internet connection speed and whether your data can be compressed, as well as your system performance. For larger initial backup needs GPmicro will work with you to provide you with an external hard-drive that your data is transferred to. Once the drive is returned to us, we will upload the data onto our servers thus reducing the initial backup time window dramatically.

How long will the average backup take?2019-08-07T10:08:51-07:00

The length of time needed for the daily backup varies, based on the amount of changed data and system specifications. After the initial backup most customers only backup changes to files, which reduces the daily backup window.

How much data can I back up?2019-08-07T10:10:07-07:00

The package you purchase will determine your limit. You can always increase the size of your storage space at any time by contacting our support staff or your assigned customer relationship manager.

How often does the system back up?2019-08-07T10:11:10-07:00

The backup process runs during the time-period that has been specified during configuration. The software allows choosing up to 99 backup schedules per computer. Furthermore, a manual backup option allows to run a backup at any time when selecting the “backup now button” from the dinKum Backup Manager software.

Does my computer have to be on all of the time?2019-08-07T10:11:55-07:00

No, your computer does not have to be on all the time. It must be on and connected to the Internet during the time-period you specified for backup. When the computer is turned off during backup time, or your Internet connection interrupted, the system will automatically attempt a backup the next time it is turned on and it can access the Internet. You can also select an option in the dinKum software configuration area where your computer will shut down automatically after the scheduled backup has been successfully completed.

Can I backup other platforms with my backup software?2019-08-07T10:12:45-07:00

The software will run natively only on Windows. However, if you have your computers networked, then drives that are mapped to your Windows computer even though those drives reside on systems with different operating systems such as Linux or Mac can be backed up, too.

What information can dinKum see about my files?2019-08-07T10:13:50-07:00

Our system tracks the names of all the files backed up as well as the size of each file, and which directory they came from. However, the content of the files is encrypted and can only be accessed by you.

How secure are remote backups?2019-08-07T10:15:05-07:00

Our backup technology is extremely secure! GPmicro uses “bank grade” encryption – also used by U.S. government institutions. All files are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Only the account owner who has the User Name and Password can access the encrypted data.

Are there additional security measures?2019-08-07T10:15:46-07:00

Each account and/or sub-account has a personal account and encryption key provided by GPmicro and a personal password chosen by each user. This ensures that only you have access to your data. We have gone to great lengths to help ensure that your password remains a secret. You select a password, which is then encrypted, as well.

Can I synchronize my local and offsite data?2019-08-07T10:16:24-07:00

Data that has been removed intentionally on your local system can also be automatically removed from the offsite backup area in order to keep the local and offsite storage areas synchronized. Data that has been moved on your local system will automatically be backed up, as well.

What is GPMicro’s Business Web Hosting?2019-08-08T11:11:37-07:00

We have designed web hosting packages specially for businesses which want full control of their websites and web applications hosting. Compared to cheaper shared web hosting, all our Business Hosting packages have flexibility and scalability for high traffic, e-commerce, isolated multiple websites and applications for businesses and web hosting re-sellers.

Why GPMicro Business Hosting Packages Are Different?2019-08-08T11:36:42-07:00

First of all, our web servers based in USA. We don’t like any gimmicks, add-ons pricing, extra charges. Our state-of-art Dual Intel Xeons with 16
Processing Cores, 32GB RAM servers built to serve you the best. Free SSL for all CPanel accounts you create, unlimited bandwidth, free website designer, free virus scanner and spam filter, speed, reliability and more. With these technical specs, GPMicro Business Hosting solutions provide you what you deserve.

What is WHM and Master Account?2019-08-08T15:21:40-07:00

WHM is Web Hosting Manager to create individual control panels (CPanel) and accounts for each domain name you own. For Web Hosting Resellers, you can create hosting packages for your clients via WHM access. GPMicro provides 1 Master Account for every business hosting package to access Web Hosting Manager dashboard. Master account have full control of creating variety of CPanel packages with their own user ID and Passwords. For example, if you purchase Silver Package with 120 GB storage, Master Account have control to create multiple packages for multiple domain names with different options in 120 GB space. You can access your WHM Dashboard via your Master CPanel account (under “Advanced” tab).

Do You Provide Free SSL For All CPanel Accounts?2019-08-08T11:55:47-07:00

YES! Unlike most other web hosting providers, we do not charge for SSL. Let’s Encrypt SSL automatically created and implemented to all CPanel accounts free in charge. You can also purchase and install your own SSL certificate to your websites.

Why Do I Need Increased PHP Limits?2019-08-08T12:47:54-07:00

Almost all web hosting services come with default PHP limits to specially control the bandwidth for the clients. Default PHP values may create upload and execution problems for many ready-to install website themes. All website templates have certain system values in order to work easily, otherwise you may not be able to install a theme or you may have a very slow website. For all of our packages, we’ve increased all the PHP values to make installations easier for you and provide fast server connection/web app execution speed for your websites/applications. With our packages, you won’t need to contact to support back and forth to request increase on you PHP limits and pay additional fees for it.

What are the PHP Specs?2019-08-08T14:52:16-07:00

✔ PHP Version 7.2
✔ PHP Memory Limit 2 GB
✔ PHP Max Input Vars 3000
✔ PHP Post Max Size 256 MB
✔ PHP Time Limit 300
✔ Max Upload Size 256 MB

How Do I Manage The Web Server?2019-08-08T13:00:48-07:00

All our servers are fully managed! You don’t need to worry about software updates and server maintenance. Focus on your business and your clients. All our business hosting packages hosted in dedicated infrastructure so you can run and manage your -separated/independent- multiple websites easily.

What is Softaculous?2019-08-08T14:34:49-07:00

Softaculous is very popular “one click web applications installation” tool. You can easily install your favorite application or framework (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ShopSite, Concrete5, Bootstrap, Vue, Dolphin, MODX, Zencart, Prestashop, Angular, and many more) to build your website with Softaculous and it comes preinstalled to your CPanel.

What is SitePad?2019-08-08T14:38:22-07:00

SitePad is website building tool that comes with many website templates designs. You can choose one of the 350 website themes to start building your website quickly! SitePad is included in all CPanels you want to create.

How Many Emails I can Have?2019-08-08T14:58:39-07:00

You can create unlimited email accounts for each CPanel user account within your allocation. Also unlimited email forwarding, autoresponders and mailing lists. Each Cpanel can adjust the total space that is dedicated to the account.

Do I have Webmail?2019-08-08T15:01:58-07:00

Each email account you create have access to webmail as well as Imap, POP3 setup instructions for all devices and email software.

Do You Scan for Viruses?2019-08-08T15:04:50-07:00

All CPanels include virus scanner!

How About Spammers?2019-08-08T15:06:03-07:00

No worries, we have installed and activated Spam Assassin software to all CPanel accounts.

Do You Backup My Websites?2019-08-08T15:09:40-07:00

Yes! We do have daily backups for each Cpanel user account. You can also setup backup for your WordPress or Cpanel. If anything happens to your site and can not recover it yourself, just contact us for recovery.

I am Ready, How do I Purchase a Package?2019-08-08T15:15:51-07:00

We are glad you trust and choose us to serve you. Simply click on the package you’d like to purchase and go to checkout page. Please don’t forget to send us your master domain name information.

What are the Name Servers?2019-08-08T15:19:46-07:00

Please go to your domain name provider’s control panel and change your name servers to our name servers. Information is provided with your Cpanel access instructions.

How Easy to Change my Hosting Plan Later?2019-08-08T15:31:30-07:00

Very easy! Simply contact us to inform which package you want and we upgrade your plan with new specs. We charge you the difference with an invoice.

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