GPmicro, Inc. understands the trust that customers have when they choose to use dinKum data backup. The company’s culture is one of exceeding customers’ expectations for service and we are committed to protecting your data. With our fully automated backup, you can just set it and forget it. On your initial backup as well as needed data recovery, we offer our clients a hard-drive, which can expedite the transfer of large amounts of data quickly and safely to and from our designated servers. While other providers throttle your bandwidth, we do not. Rest assured that your data is safe with GPmicro, Inc. The implemented data security employs AES 256-bit encryption, which is known in the industry as “bank safe”. Our medical and financial clients are assured that we meet federal regulation guidelines for data backup and protection and we are HIPAA and SOX compliant. Your data is fully protected with multiple levels of redundancy. We also have the highest level of physical security in place to maintain and keep your data secure. Unlike some competitors GPmicro, Inc. will never automatically delete active client’s data without specific instructions. GPmicro’s dinKum data backup offers automatic one-pass restore, custom mapping solutions, data synchronization and data retention settings, reporting as well as up to 99 custom schedules per computer. With GPmicro, your dedicated IT team can focus on other critical issues while we manage your data needs. Our US based customer service is available to answer your questions and are happy to help when needed.