Automated off-site data backup offers several advantages over DVD and tape.

  1. Automated backups move your data off-site for an added layer of protection.
  2. It is electronic, eliminating potential media problems such as scratched DVDs or corrupt tapes.
  3. No need to worry if the backup you did on that tape really worked.
  4. With automated off-site backup you receive messages such as emails that let you know if the backups occurred and what has been backed up.
  5. Remote backup is automatic and removes the user’s responsibility to manually perform a backup and to catalog and store the backup media.
  6. With automated off-site backup there is no need to remember where you put that latest tape or DVD.
  7. For the mobile laptop user, remote backup allows you to back up and/or recover your data anytime/anywhere with an active Internet connection.
  8. Restores are much easier using remote backup. Find and restore a file or directory from your backup location using a “Windows Explorer type right click” approach.